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Working Principles That Bring Balance to Your World

Our solutions are simple and effective and combine all the latest developments from around the world of geoengineering. Prior geoengineering concepts such as painting roofs white, planting more reflective crops, adding aerosols to the atmosphere, etc., have all been rejected based on their lack of efficacy or the unknown consequences they may pose.

EarthShine combines the basic physics of light and heat transfer and innovative engineering to yield a flexible system with minimal risk and guarantees success without compromising safety.

The key to this approach is the innovative Climate Control Panels.

They work to moderate energy in three important ways:
1. Reflecting Sunlight
On a scale of 0 to 10, the earth's surface is not very reflective ... about 0.125 on average. This critical fact means that there is a vast opportunity to reduce surface energy absorption.
2. Shading
Anyone who has ever used a beach umbrella can testify that sand under the umbrella is significantly cooled by shading. EarthShine also incorporates shading effects to help promote a cooler Mother Earth.
3. Improving Thermal Emissions
Infrared Heat (radiation) plays a major role in the science of climate change. The surface energy budget can be further improved with the use of highly emissive black body radiators.

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Shading Effects

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…. and for safety’s sake


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Programmable Effects

All of this is accomplished by having axially mounted, dual-sided panels that have three cardinal positions. For the first time, the earth’s energy budget can be dynamically adjusted.

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Plant growth

An Example of the System at Work

Here, a climate control panel is shown suspended over a portion of lake water. Note that the enormous improvements in reflectivity not only serve to cool the earth but the lake as well!

Global Climate Control System

The complete EarthShine System is shown below and can be broken down as follows:

  • Global Panel Control Network

  • Satellite Measurement System

  • Global Climate Command and Control Center

  • System Oversight

Global Panel
Control Network

The remotely controlled panels form an extensive network that provides needed coverage to achieve desired levels of efficacy. The modular design allows for optimal deployment strategies.

Satellite Systems

Billions of dollars of satellite systems are currently in place and ready to provide the needed measurements for regional and global monitoring. These Top of the Atmosphere (TOA) measurements provide crucial energy budget data and various other important measurements such as cloud cover, temperature, humidity, and sea level. These satellite tools have been serving the needs of the Meteorology Community and Climate Scientists for years. EarthShine now piggybacks on this valuable asset by making good use of the satellites and the teams of people who exist who operate, maintain, and provide analysis.

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The Global Command and Control Center

The Global Command and Control Center receives critical real-time information and adjusts the Climate Control Panels to optimize regional and global energy management objectives. As experience is gained, control algorithms can adopt advanced control techniques, including adaptive and intelligent control technologies.

Oversight Committee

A Global Oversight Committee provides key oversight functions to ensure that global climate objectives are fairly applied and appropriately monitored by agreed consensus. Having member Nations work together is seen as a great asset that builds world unity by addressing an important problem that concerns all.

World Wide Distribution Network

World Wide Distribution Network

Safety In Numbers

Small climate forcings that are highly distributed add up to big results. Too much change in any one place may result in negative consequences for the climate system.

EarthShine’s modular design helps avoid this problem by allowing for a “go anywhere,” fractionated deployment, focusing on high insolation and mid-latitude regions for optimum results.

Distribution and Deployment Models

Aesthetics count! Panel Farms are modular and are designed to be easy to install and maintain. All structures sit low to the ground and are unobtrusive.

Village Model

There are some 600,000 villages in India and another 600,000 villages in China, not to mention the countless number of towns and cities across the globe. Allocating a small portion of ground (0.25 square miles) in just some of these provides the space and associated human resources needed to counterbalance the projected effects of Green House Gases.

Lake Model

Climate change is one of the most severe threats to global lake ecosystems. Millions of lakes combine to cover equal nearly 1% of the earth’s surface. Given the ready access to lakes and their associated human population presence, these qualify as an important target area for panel deployments.

True Progress for Life

Evolutionary forces at work in the Holocene Era have helped bring the whole of life, including humans, to this point in history. Let’s take an active role to help preserve the current climate state for years to come for the sake of all.