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Geoengineering Research and Development Firm

EarthShine Geoengineering, Inc is a geoengineering research and development firm started in 2021. We operate under the charismatic leadership of our president and founder, Mr. Douglas Lawrence. Please get in touch to learn more about EarthShine Geoengineering.

We use technical knowledge and extensive research to design and implement schemes that bring about large-scale global intervention in the earth’s natural climatic system.

Modular Design

The earth’s climatic system has its fair share of complexities, and bringing about too much change within a small area could lead to drastic consequences. We believe in the proper distribution of small climate forcings to achieve desired outcomes.

Our modular designs allow for fractionated deployment, focusing on high insolation and mid-latitude regions for the best results. We have patents pending for our EarthShine System and Climate Control Panels.

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What Sets Us Apart


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Several geoengineering concepts such as painting roofs white, planting crops with reflective properties, and adding aerosols to the stratosphere have been rejected due to low efficacy or concerns over harmful side effects

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We deploy a more flexible approach, combining the basic physics of light and heat transfer with innovative engineering to develop dynamic systems with minimal risk and guarantee success without compromising safety.

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Agriculture protection

Meet Our Team


Doug Lawrence

Founder and CEO


Michael Piovoso

Senior Controls Advisor


Dave Clark

Satellite Data Liaison

Rem B. Edwards Chief Axiologist

Rem B. Edwards

Chief Axiologist


E. J. (Ted) Lightfoot

Plastic Film and Coating Specialist


Paul Rafalowski

Senior Advisor

Luka Vulicevic Economic Analyst

Luka Vulicevic

Economic Analyst